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Events monitor

Note that writing content here slows down Highslide. This is a consequence of the reporting, not the events themselves.


"Hide covered elements" test

If the "Hide covered elements" option is not checked, this will happen:

  • Selectboxes will show through the popups in IE < 7.
  • Iframes will show through in IE 5 and Opera < 9.
  • Scrollbars will show through in Gecko < 1.8 browsers on Mac (Firefox 2, Camino). This can be seen on the Events monitor above when you enable Events.

Highslide Configurator

Not all examples work until the corresponding feature is checked on the right side and the "Update" button is clicked.

Highslide JS core

1 Highslide JS Basic
2 Highslide JS
Controlbar in custom overlay. Outlines with rounded corners.
3 Highslide JS
You can add a caption below the expanded image. Use CSS to style the borders and captions. This image has no borders except bottom-border: 1px solid white at the image and the caption.
No CSS border. Caption identified as successive "highslide-caption".
4 Highslide JS
You can open more than one image at a time, and arrange them on your screen by dragging them around. There are also specific CSS-classes for a blurred image. Notice how these borders change color when you open another image.
CSS class changes when another image is opened.
5 Highslide JS
The images by default try to expand equally in all directions from the thumbnails, but you can also position them in the center like this case. Or you can for instance specify a 200px left margin to keep your menu visible, or anchor the image to one corner of the thumbnail.
No graphic outline. Center aligned (requires "Advanced positioning").
6 Highslide JS Navigation controls in the caption. Fallback to HTML page (disable JavaScript to check).
7 This is the thumbnail's alt attribute Using the thumbnail's alt attribute as caption text.
8 Highslide JS
Digitalis is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and biennials that was traditionally placed in the figwort family Scrophulariaceae. Due to new genetic research, it has now been placed in the much enlarged family Plantaginaceae. The genus is native to Europe, western and central Asia, and northwestern Africa.
(From Wikipedia)
Narrow image with big caption and padToMinWidth. Requires "Autosize".
9 Highslide JS
This is the caption.
Unobtrusive, will not show unless "Unobtrusive" is checked. Successive caption.
10 Highslide JS Non existing image. Loading label keeps showing.

With Gallery

11 Melting ice
Mini gallery under one thumb, with dimming background. Requires "Slideshow" and "Transitions". See here for code.
12 Melting ice
Mini gallery under one thumb with a restraining box, with dimming background. Requires "Slideshow" and "Transitions".


13 Click

Full HTML content

This example uses the htmlExpand method to display full HTML content in the expander. The width of the expanding div is set to 400px, while the height is omitted to allow Highslide to decide the best fit.

In the expander you can put all kinds of content, for instance form elements.
Inline HTML content. Move and Resize handles require "Dragging" option.
14 Click Inline HTML content with fade in and out. Requires "Transitions".
15 Click

Full HTML content


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Big HTML content adjusts to screen size (Requires "Autosize")
16 Click
AJAX loaded content
17 Click Dynamic AJAX content with reflowing of the popup. Shared contentId with the previous one.
18 Click
Resize Powered by Highslide JS
Iframe with legacy objectHeight. "Autosize" causes scrollbars if content is higher than the client height.
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You need to upgrade your Flash Player
Flash content
20 Click Unobtrusive AJAX with self rendered content wrapper. Requires "Unobtrusive" option.
21 Click Unobtrusive iframe with self rendered content wrapper. Requires "Unobtrusive" option.


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